Colonial Revival


The BBC Cambridge c. 1890

Jed York Sunburst Union League

The BBC Sunburst Union League c. 1890


The J.E. Came Narragansett c. 1895

SB&L Nata

The Sanford-Bell & Lahm c. 1900


The BBC York c. 1904


The BBC Southern c. 1904

The BBC Newport Octagonal c. 1904


The BBC Newport c. 1904

As America celebrated its first centennial, a patriotic fever prompted a revival of American Colonial reproduction furniture. Billiard manufactures began producing simpler designs with less ornamentation, veneered in mostly quarter-sawn Oak and some with Mahogany and Ash. The favorite leg styles were round, sometimes fluted or reeded, as well as square and octagon.

Most of these tables combined elements from more than one style or motif.
Victorian designs were often recycled using only Oak and simple moldings in place of the inlayed marquetry of high Victorian designs.

The bridge between Victorian and Colonial Revival was often referred to as Americana or Golden Oak; although the same trends were taking hold abroad.

There is, however, a parting in the purity of these designs that were applied to billiard tables, because of the heavy weight of the slate beds, the legs and frames were normally heavier than their furniture prototypes.

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