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Cloth Protection

When your table is recovered, we recommend the application of Ultra Shield® as a safeguard against accidental beverage spills or food stains on your new table fabric. This product allows you to blot up any spill without damage to the new fabric, and Ultra Shield® is guaranteed.  Tell our Sales Associate you’re interested so your new fabric can be treated before recovery is scheduled.

Cloth Replacement

Return your table to the focal point of your gameroom by enhancing its appearance and improving its playability with the finest domestic and imported billiard fabrics available.

There are over thirty colors of cloth to choose from as well as specialty cloths for snooker and billiard tables.  Custom silk screening of logos is available—even the NFL®!


Whether you purchase a pool table, air hockey, foosball, game table, ping pong table, bar or bar stools, Sequoia Billiard Supply delivers and installs everything we sell.

We employ our own expert Billiard Mechanics who are skilled in all phases of table installation, moving, recovery and repair.

We do not use independent contractors.

Our Billiard Mechanics are Sequoia Billiard Supply professionals so the on-time delivery and set up of all your gameroom items is always ensured.

When our Mechanics leave your home, you’re ready to enjoy and play!

We also specialize in antique tables and have years of experience working with all manufactures’ tables, past and present, and because of this vast knowledge, we guarantee the quality of our service.


Cue Repair Service

You can be back in the game with a new LePro®, Elk Master®, Champion®, Triangle®, Talisman®, or Moori® cue tip.  Just bring your cue stick into our store for the professional care your cue deserves. The ferrule can be replaced, if needed, at the same time.  Want to change the weight, wrap or replace the shaft—again, bring in your cue stick.

Did you know, we sell the incomparable Predator® 314 shaft that can be fitted to most cue sticks?

Cushion Replacement

While your table is being recovered, have our Billiard Mechanics check your cushions for proper rebound. New cushions are available at a great savings when purchased and installed at the time your table is being recovered.

We proudly stock: Accu-Fast® by Olhausen®; Championship® Pro-Am® and Tour Edition® cushions, as well as imports by Brunswick® and Artemis®.  Talk with our Sales Associate when you schedule your recovery.


Sequoia Billiard Supply services the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Because of this, your table can be moved from one location to another and set up for your continued playing enjoyment.

Leaving the area?  Call us ahead of moving day to have your table properly and safely disassembled.  For long distance moves, we suggest your having the slate crated.  Just tell the Sales Associate you speak with the size of your table so custom crates can be made.


The Leather Pocket Assembly supplied with your antique style table, can last as long as forty years.

If, however, you’d like to freshen up or update the appearance of your table, consider a new set of pockets and/or fringe.  It’s amazing how a change in pockets and the color of new fringe will make you think you have a different table.

Please ask our Sales Associate about the wide selection of leather and fringe colors available.  We also hand make and hand sew pockets for antique and vintage tables.  Hood Leather Goods and RC Designs, two well respected companies in the industry, supply us with pockets for old or modern style tables.


Vintage & Antique Pool Tables

48 years of experience restoring precious antiques to museum quality.

We restore all makes and cushion cloths. We are long time members of the American Institute of Conservation (AIC). We use the AIC’s guide lines for proper preservation of antique pool tables. We have restored numerous Historic Antique tables at many of the state of California state parks: The Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park, The Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park, Alcatraz, and Asilomar State Park.


Remodeling or adding on to your present home and need a safe place for your table?   Short or long term storage is the answer.  Your table can be placed into our storage facility at a very reasonable monthly fee.